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Intermediation in a property purchase - sale transaction is the number one service in Yavlena's portfolio - it has been offered since 1992. We know that ownership of real estate is extremely important to Bulgarians and we understand the significance of any property transaction. This is why our efforts are focused on rendering a comprehensive and high quality service.

Yavlena employs professionals who, harnessing their skills and specialised training, are able to meet the specific requirements in any transaction. The proper management of a purchase - sale is an important process which is often underestimated and the in-depth knowledge of the matter is demonstrated in critical situations.

What can you expect from your broker during the process of selling your property?

  • Initial advice regarding the future sale of your property;
  • Initial viewing of the offered property;
  • Survey of the market comparables and recommendation as to the asking price;
  • Explanation of the sales process and clarification of the work to be done;
  • Initial review of the documents provided and advice as to the need to obtain missing documents;
  • Marketing and advertisement of your property;
  • Search for a potential buyer in the extensive database of Yavlena and offering of your property to clients placing similar demands;
  • Handling of inquiries from potential buyers;
  • Coordination and viewings of your property (*there is possibility to give us access to the property whereby we take over the entire process of viewings);
  • Coordination of the negotiations with buyers who have serious interest, organisation of the placement of deposits for your property;
  • Negotiations, agreement of the terms and conditions of the transaction;
  • Drawing up of a preliminary contract.
  • Preparation of the documentation for the notary certification of the transaction with the assistance of Yavlena's lawyer;
  • Coordination of the notary certification of the transaction and presence of your broker during the transaction;
  • Assistance with respect to the transfer of possession of the property.

Yavlena coordinates and ensures the entire purchase - sale process legally and documentary. If you have the time and knowledge to carry out some of the activities listed above, you can turn to us for assistance at a specific stage of the transaction. In this case Yavlena will provide you with a fixed price list for the package of services that you need. Please, see Transaction assistance.

Based on our vast experience at the real estate market in Bulgaria we would recommend signing an exclusive rights contract with an associate of ours, as this will ensure huge advantages for you and special preferences as an exclusive client. Here are some of the advantages for owners offering their properties exclusively through Yavlena:

  • Detailed market analysis with respect to the selling price of the property;
  • Drawing up of an offer to sell;
  • Advice as to the better presentation of the property at the market;
  • Detailed information regarding the technology of the transaction in order to ensure its safety;
  • Drawing up of a strategy to sell the property;
  • Possible photographing of the property:
    • photos taken by a professional photographer;
    • preparation of a virtual 360-degree panoramic tour;
    • preparation of a video presenting the property and its surroundings;
  • Drawing of the property (with rearrangement options);
  • An option to prepare and implement an advertisement strategy:
    • Internet;
    • Social media;
    • Board / banner;
    • Other methods to attract local interest.
  • Advice as to all documents required for the deal, and possibility to prepare them;
  • Periodic advice as to property price revisions;
  • Report on the calls received and viewings organised;
  • Weekly contact with your personal broker and analysis of the interest declared, together with recommendations based on feedback from clients;
  • Professional negotiations and defence of your interests;
  • Detailed review of the documents and ownership;
  • Legal support for the transaction at the expense of Yavlena;
  • Advice as to the choice of a notary public in order to avoid double notary fee charge;
  • Notary certification of the deal;
  • Assistance with the payment on the deal;
  • Servicing after the sale;
  • Recommendations for future investment oriented transactions.

* Further details regarding the exclusive rights contracts are available at our FAQ

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