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„Market surveys and analyses" department is specialised in marketing monitoring. The specialists monitor market developments constantly and study the relations between the various factors having influence on it. They keep in touch with the colleagues in all offices throughout the country and thus they receive "live" information as to the developments in the real estate sector. The department is headed by an expert with vast experience in Yavlena and property deals.

What types of services you can turn to the specialists in the "Market surveys and analyses" department for“

  • Surveys of the real estate market in Bulgaria covering different time frames as well as different segments (residential properties, offices, commercial, warehousing and logistics space, "second home" type of properties, hotel complexes, terrains, land) and areas (purchase - sale and rentals);
  • Analyses, conclusions, recommendations and short-term forecasts related to the real estate market in the country and specific settlements;
  • Analyses, conclusions, recommendations and short-term forecasts by market segments - residential properties, offices, commercial, warehousing and industrial space, vacation areas and terrains, by geographic district, region or cities;
  • Investment analyses, recommendations, short-term forecast values and trends by regions, cities, neighbourhoods and by real estate market segments;
  • Financial cash flow analyses, recommendations, short-term forecast values and development trends for investment projects at various stages of completion;
  • Expert opinions on ranges of real estate market values in all segments taking into account the spacial zones, market values and regional market;
  • Expert opinions on the construction costs of sites in the different segments of the real estate market (by stage or as a whole);
  • Time schedules for the implementation of complete projects and individual sites, linked to the current market and the emerging medium-term trends;
  • Customised studies focused on specific requirements of the assignor.

* The fee for the service is charged based on the specific customer assignment

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