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All we know is real estate, but for real estate we know it all!


Yavlena was founded in 1992 and it is one of the first and most prominent real estate agencies in the country. The company is fully Bulgarian owned and it is focused on the local market, striving to provide a customised, high-quality service to its clients.

The founder of Yavlena, Mr. Strahil Ivanov is considered one of the founders of the real estate market in Bulgaria and is recognised for his contribution to the market's establishment and development. Over the years he managed to develop a work model that built and maintained Yavlena as one of the most successful real estate agencies in the country.

Clients of Yavlena are many private Bulgarian and international companies, state institutions, banks, investment funds, embassies and individuals.


The team of Yavlena includes more than 200 professionals having diverse qualifications and experience, among which there are traders with many years of experience at the property market, as well as young and ambitious colleagues, bringing the spirit of the new times in the life of the company. The invisible administrative backbone of the company should not be forgotten. The well-organised specialists provide support to the work of the brokers.

Most likely the broker you are working with combines the essence of the Yavlena brand and the quality of the services. However, you should know that each broker relies on the support of experienced colleagues and specialists who monitor and support his / her work:

  • An experienced management team on which the broker relies for advice to protect your best interest;
  • An expert legal aid on each purchase - sale transaction, to protect the security of your deal;
  • Financial experts to support specific purchase - sale transaction cases;
  • Credit consultants who will provide advice regarding the optimum choice for the financing of your deal;
  • Administrative assistance in obtaining various documents and office support with respect to your deal;
  • Contacts in many institutions and with experts in various fields whom we can refer you to with respect to your specific case.

Every time when you work with your broker, they have the full support, the entire potential and expertise of Yavlena.


Yavlena holds many certificates and is member of various branch and business organisations. The company has adopted the generally accepted good practices. At the same time it is striving to establish and uphold such practices in a market, which is not yet regulated by law in our country.

United Nations Global Compact Bulgaria
Certificates and awards:
EN ISO 9001
Business Superbrands 2021-2022
Business Superbrands 2007-2008
TOP 10, Business Person of the Year 2010
Nomination Manager of the Year 2008
Nomination Mister Economy 2007
Broker of the Year 2007
High Prestige Expert Award
NREA award for contribution to the establishment, development and strengthening of the NREA

A professional service to each client, strengthening of the good market practices, development of values among the employees.

We know that a lot of emotions, concerns and hesitation are inherently underlying property transactions and that the parties to these transactions would like to feel confidence and support. Therefore we have set a goal to provide the highest quality advisory service in the market. We are unlike the aggressive companies which seek fast expansion, without regard to the quality of the service they offer. We are also unlike the traders of today, who rely on the "package" to sell themselves. We are not an agency striving to introduce new technologies all the time as means to deal with old issues. Our mission is to ensure safe, timely and well-thought deals to our clients. We will review in detail the documentary history of each deal in order to avoid serious future issues. We are apt to understand the exact desires of each of our clients, in order to spare them the time for unnecessary meetings and viewings. We want all who have trusted us to close a deal at the best price, therefore we plan our actions together.

As part of our mission we are committed to work to lay the foundations for the development of good practices among our colleagues and competitors in the market. We know that the image of the "broker" in our country is not the best one, unlike the western world where this profession is perceived as prestigious. Therefore, we are trying to change this perception by adhering to the professional and ethical standards. It is not by accident that often in the transactions in which we are involved, the clients of the counterparty are satisfied with our work, because they realise that our professional approach is in their best interest as well.

We believe to be one of the leading companies in our field. An element of our future development is the increase in our market share throughout the country, through the instilment of values among our employees, partners, clients, suppliers and the communities where we operate. As a reflection of these goals we have developed, implemented and maintain a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001. We are members of many Bulgarian and international branch organisations (NREA, FIABCI, NAR), as well as associations the ideas of which we share - such as the UN Global Compact.

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Get acquainted with our extensive range of services tailored to the market trends: buying and selling, leasing and renting, property valuation, and transaction assistance. We can provide any consultation on the real estate market. All we know is real estate, but for real estate we know all!

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