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Yavlena is one of the first companies in Bulgaria, which started working with rental of properties as a separate business line in its operations at the beginning of the 90ies. Over the years our departments have managed to establish and maintain a vast client base, which makes the rental process as clear to the client as possible. The experience of our long-term professionals ensures the security and speed of the service, which are critical due to the specifics of the arrangements in the case of rents and the existence of many unfair players in the market.

What to expect of your broker in the process of renting your property our?

  • Initial consultation regarding the future renting out of your property;
  • Initial viewing of the offered property and establishment of ownership;
  • Survey of the market for comparables and recommendation as to asking price;
  • Clarification of the process of renting out and the work to be done;
  • Marketing and advertising of your property;
  • Seeking potential tenant within the vast database of Yavlena and offering of your property to clients filing similar searches;
  • Responding to inquiries by potential tenants;
  • Coordination and conducting viewings of your property (*there is possibility to give us access to the property whereby we take over the entire process of viewings);
  • Coordination of the negotiations with tenants who have serious interest in the property;
  • Negotiations, agreement of the terms and conditions of the contract;
  • Drawing up of a rent contract.

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Get acquainted with our extensive range of services tailored to the market trends: buying and selling, leasing and renting, property valuation, and transaction assistance. We can provide any consultation on the real estate market. All we know is real estate, but for real estate we know all!

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